How to install our Neon signs?

All our Neon signs, is easy to install for 220V or usb, they can be mounted on the wall with skrues or hang from chains.

Our other signs, will have detailed instructions on how to install them, if any doubt feel free to always contact us for help.

Is there Guarantee on your LED Products?

Yes there is a 2 years warranty on all our products.

Can your signs be used outdoor use?

We can produce signs for outdoor use, our costum options give you the flexibility to choose for yourself if the sign is for outdoor use.

Is the Neon Signs Waterproof?

We can produce waterproff signs, our costum options give you the flexibility to choose for yourself if the sign is for outdoor use.

Can you design my logo?

We are experts in logo signs, both, neon, metal and acrylic signs. We know that the right sign can mean the world for your business, and therefore are we focussed on each detail for you to be the uttermost satisfied with the end result.

Can you design my picture?

If you the idea then our designers can, draw the sign for you. There is basically no limits to the possiblities of our signs. 

How long does it take to deliver my order?

All orders of our pre made neon signs, ships same business day or the upcoming business day. for the costum made neon signs, the delivery is 7-14 days from you place your order. On every product page, you will find the estimated delivery time, in very few instantces there can be delays because of the shipping company. 

Which colors?

We make neon signs in all of the rainbows colors and with our color switch with our RGB products you can use an infinity of diffrent nuances to each color. 

Our metal signs can be made in brushed colors or mat colors. 

Where do you deliver to?

We ship to all countries in europe, included none EU contries

What is the expected Lifespan for a Neon sign?

The lifespan of our neon signs is between 8 and 15 years under nor mal use.

Whats the diffrence, between Glass neon and LED neon?

There is many reasons that we belive LED neon is far better than glass, here are a list:

1.Better priced, and easier to repear and replace

2. Last better in terms of the materials.

3. Low electricity cost, spends approxamently only 1 fitfth of the energy a glass sign spends.

4. More safe, heat proof , no gasses and very low risk of fire.

5. LED neon signs are easy to hang on the wall or down from the celling.

6. LED last much longer than the Glass neon signs.

7. No maintanace and very easy to dust off.

8. The LED neon signs will not affect the enviorment with simmer sounds.

9. Some of the costum led neon signs can be controlled by APP, to adjust the light. 

10. LED neon looks good on photos.

How much energy does a sign use?

Depneding on the aize and lumens, the typical sign consumes less than 150 watt.

Can I record the sign without flicking?

The LED neon signs are great for pictures and videos, because the dont flicker.